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Event Workshop: Miha Pelko and Daniel Trejo Banos, Chair: Jyri Kivinen
Event Workshop: Stuart Yarrow and Vincent Danos, Chair: Helen Ramsden
Event Workshop: Ioan Stanculescu and Rob Court, Chair: Nestor Milyaev
Event Workshop: Colin Mclean and Jim Bednar
Event Workshop: Richard Shillcock, Chair: Yichuan Zhang
What is a domain?
Event Workshop: Mark van Rossum and Andrew Stewart, Chair: Colin Buchanan
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Rob Williams, University of Tennessee (Host: Douglas Armstrong)
From Basepair to Behavior: Using a Systems Genetics Approach to Probe Brain Structure and Function
Event ANC Workshop: Yann Sweeney and Lukas Solanka, Chair: Paolo Puggioni
Event ANC Workshop: Ronald Begg, Chair: Sergio Gonzalez
Determining the effects of Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecules on the transcriptional regulation of E. Coli
Event ANC Workshop: Benigno Uria and Iain Murray, Chair: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Stefano Panzeri, University of Glasgow (Host: Mark van Rossum)
Multiplexing of naturalistic sensory information in visual cortex
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Guillaume Bouchard, Xerox Research Centre Europe (Host: Charles Sutton)
Convex methods for multi-view learning, link prediction and collective matrix factorization
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Misha Tsodyks, Weizmann Institute (Host: Mark van Rossum)
Information storage in retrieval in neural network models of long-term memory
Event Workshop: Maria Shippi and Paolo Puggioni, Chair: Simon Lyons
Event Workshop: Helen Ramsden and David Willshaw, Chair: Jono Millin
Event Workshop: Peggy Series and Colin Buchanan, Chair: Peter Orchard
Event Workshop: Jyri Kivinen and Vincent Valton, Chair: Dagmara Panas
Event Workshop: Nestor Milyaev and Botond Cseke, Chair: Ondrej Mandula
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Michael Spratling, King's College London (Host: Mark van Rossum)
A Single Functional Model of Primary Visual Cortex
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Andreas Krause, ETH Zurich (Host: Charles Sutton)
Learning to Optimize with Confidence
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Kenneth D. Harris, Imperial College London (Host: Mark van Rossum)
The Neural Marketplace
Event Workshop: Andrea Ocone and Duncan Carmichael, Chair: Ian Simpson
Event Workshop: Matthias Hennig and Chris Williams, Chair: Gabriele Schwiekert
Event Workshop: David Sterratt, Chair: Douglas Armstrong
Synaptically-evoked action potentials and synaptic democracy
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Richard Emes, University of Nottingham (Host: Matthias Hennig)
Molecular Evolution of the Synapse Proteome
Event ANC/IPAB Seminar: Pushmeet Kohli
Some questions about Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Yair Weiss, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Host: Chris Williams)
Natural Image Statistics and Image Restoration
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Helen Ramsden and Grigorios Sotiropoulos, Chair: Ronald Begg
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Botond Cseke and Colin Buchanan, Chair: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Dagmara Panas, Chair: Gabriele Schweikert
Microelectrode arrays and the Ising model: in pursuit of homeostasis