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News Item Workshop on homeostasis and self-regulation of developing circuits at CoSyNe 2014
Event ANC Workshop: Scott Lowe and Rob Court, Chair: David Sterratt
Event ANC Workshop: Nikos Gekas, Chair: Simon Lyons
Priors formed over multiple time scales facilitate performance in visual perception
Event ANC Workshop: Mingjun Zhong, Chair: Amos Storkey
Signal Aggregate Constraints in Additive Factorial HMMs, with Application to Energy Disaggregation
Event ANC Workshop: Nigel Goddard, Chair: Xin He
Butterflies and Houses
Event ANC Workshop: Konstantinos Georgatzis and Duncan Carmichael, Chair: Nigel Goddard
Event ANC Workshop: Krzysztof Geras, Chair: Iain Murray
News Item PhD Studentships in Data Science
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Gasper Tkacik, IST Austria (Host: Matthias Hennig)
Critical behavior in networks of real neurons
Event ANC Workshop: Colin Mclean, Chair: Lukas Solanka
Event ANC Workshop: Simon Lyons and Anthony Cruickshank, Chair: Botond Cseke
Event ANC Seminar: Nando de Frietas, University of Oxford
Research challenges in random forests, deep learning, de-randomization, Markov random fields and Bayesian bandits
Event ANC Workshop: Gabriele Schweikert, Chair: Yichuan Zhang
Event ANC Workshop: David Sterratt and Iain Murray, Chair: Paolo Puggioni
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Marcelo Montemurro, Manchester University (Host: Matthias Hennig)
Entropy, semantics and a novel statistical universal in language
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Ruslan Salakhutidnov, University of Toronto (Host: Iain Murray)
Learning Structured, Robust, and Multimodal Models
Event ANC Workshop: Matthias Hennig and Yann Sweeney, Chair: Gabriele Schweikert
Event ANC Workshop: Botond Cseke, Chair: Guido Sanguinetti
Event Bayes 2013: Workshop on Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Modelling
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Geoffrey Goodhill, University of Queensland
Axon guidance and visual maps
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Martin Wainwright, UC Berkeley
Belief Propagation for continuous State Spaces: Stochastic Message-Passing with Quantitative Guarantees
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Gaute Einevoll, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) (Host: Jim Bednar)
Mechanistic modelling of thalamocortical visual and somatosensory processing
Event Workshop: Dagmara Panas and Yichuan Zhang, Chair: Benigno Uria
Event Workshop: Colin Buchanan, Chair: Vincent Valton
Event Workshop: Guido Sanguinetti and Rui P. Costa, Chair: David Sterratt
Event Workshop: Sergio Gonzales and Nikos Gekas, Chair: Peggy Series
Event Workshop: Philipp Rudiger and Krzysztof Geras, Chair: Botond Cseke
Event Workshop: Paolo Puggioni and Oksana Sorokina, Chair: Iain Murray
Event Workshop: Jean-Luc Stevens and Thomas Suslak, Chair: Dagmara Panas
Event Workshop: Botonde Cseke and Peggy Series, Chair: Guido Sanguinetti