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News Item Jean-Luc Stevens and Philipp Rudiger have won the UK Open Source Award
Image Dragan Gasevic
Event ANC Talk: Professor Mark Girolami (Director, CRiSM) Warwick University
Control Functionals
News Item Former DTC and ANC student Helen Ramsden is on the cover of PLoS Computational Biology
Event ANC Seminar: Jim Stone, University of Sheffield
Event ANC Workshop Srecko Joksimovic (ILCC) Chair Jari Fowkes
Factors shaping learners' interactions in networked learning context
Event ANC Workshop Konstantinos Georgatzis/Scott Lowe Chair Guido Sanguinetti
Event ANC Workshop Tom Thorne Chair: Colin McLean
Event ANC Workshop Philipp Rudiger/Jean-Luc Stevens Chair Krzysztof Geras
Event ANC Workshop Richard Shillcock/Van Anh Huynh-Thu Chair: Iain Murray
Event ANC Workshop Title: Learning Analytics: Using Data to understand Learning Dragan Gasevic Chair Nigel Goddard
Event ANC Workshop Miltos Allamanis/Sander Keemink Chair Daniel Trejo Banos
Event ANC Workshop Valentina Ferlito/Robert Court Chairing Sergio Gonzalez
Title and brief abstract to follow
Image Mingjun Zhong
Event ANC SEMINAR: Marc Deisenroth Chair: Amos Storkey
Large-Scale Gaussian Process regression
Event ANC Workshop Chris Williams/Sohan Seth Chairing: Thomas Suslak
Event ANC SEMINAR Lina Stankovic, University of Strathclyde
Domestic Energy Feedback Research focusing on Functionality and Uses of Smart Metering
Event ANC Workshop Partha Lal/Emilia Wysocka Chairing: Sahar Primordian
Partha Lal Title: Realtime Artifact Removal from Physiological Data in Intensive Care Units Emilia Wysocka Title: Towards a semi-automated framework ...
Event ANC Workshop - Maciej Pajak/Amos Storkey Chairing: Jim Bednar
News Item Miltos Allamanis has just won a Distinguished Paper Award
News Item Matthias Hennig & Guido Sanguinetti to jointly supervise new grant award
Large scale spatio-temporal point processes: novel machine learning methodologies and application to neural multi-electrode arrays.
News Item Launch of the new EPSRC CDT in Data Science,
Event ANC Workshop: Daniel Trejo Banos/Dominika Lyzwa
Event ANC Workshop: Speaker: Jari Fowkes Chair: David Sterratt
Event ANC Workshop: Jinli Hu/Xin He Chair: Ian Simpson
Event ANC Workshop: Angus Chadwick/Matthias Hennig
Event ANC Workshop: Guido Sanguinetti
"Machine learning for epigenetics: some initial results"
Event ANC Workshop: Mark Van Rossum
Spontaneous action potentials in axons and neural coding
Event ANC/DTC SEMINAR: Peter Richtarik, School of Maths
Semi-stochastic gradient methods
News Item ANC research showcased at the Explorathon '14 at the National Museum of Scotland
ANC research showcased at the Explorathon '14 Friday 27 Sept, 1-4:30pm at the National Museum of Scotland