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Event ANC Workshop: Gavin Gray
Event ANC Workshop: James Owers and Douglas Armstrong, Chair: Charlie Nash
Event ANC Workshop: Martino Sorbaro Sindaci, Chair: Alba Crespi
Event ANC Workshop: Borislav Ikonomov and Chris Williams, Chair: tbc
Image Arno Onken
Event ANC Seminar: Alex Shestopaloff (Maths, UoE), Host: Chris Williams
Sampling latent states for high-dimensional non-linear state space models with the embedded HMM method
Event ANC Workshop: Grant Robertson and Richard Shillcock, Chair: Lynda Webb
Event ANC Workshop: David Sterratt, chair: James Owers
Event ANC Workshop: Ryan Davies and Sam Rupprechter, Chair: Michael Rule
Event ANC Workshop: George Papamakarios and David Sterratt, Chair: Aleksej Stolicyn
Event ANC Seminar: Srinjoy Mitra (Engineering, UoE), Host: Matthias Hennig
News Item Aleks Stolicyn receives Best Article Award
News Item ANC members Mark van Rossum and Guido Sangiunetti join the Professoriat!
Event ANC Workshop: Mark van Rossum and Michael Gutmann, Chair: David Sterratt
Event ANC Workshop: Joseph Cronin
Event ANC Workshop: Alba Crespi and Jun Bao, Chair: Amos Storkey
Event ANC Workshop: Wannisa Matcha and Amos Storkey, Chair: Douglas Armstrong
Event ANC Workshop: Ed Fincham and Frank Karvelis, Chair: Borislav Ikonomov
Image Rico Sennrich
News Item Amazon/Edinburgh research workshop
News Item Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain (SIDB)
Event Machine Learning Talk: Nikolaos Nikolaou, University of Manchester, Host: Iain Murray
Event ANC Seminar: Catalina Vallejos, Host: Guido Sanguinetti
Event ANC Seminar: Dennis Prangle, Host: Iain Murray
Lunch provided afterwards in MF2.
News Item Peter Dayan wins the Brain Prize!!
Event ANC Workshop: Michael Rule, Chair: Evan Morgan
Event ANC Workshop: Chris Williams, Chair: Tom Mayo
Event ANC Workshop: David Schnoerr, Chair: Edward Wallace
Event ANC Workshop: Alina Selega, Chair: Gavin Gray
Event ANC Workshop: Giulio Caravagna, Chair: Lynda Webb