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Event ANC Seminar: Prof Dirk Husmeier, Glasgow University (Host: Guido Sanguinetti)
Event ANC Workshop: Militos Allamanis and Zhanxing Zhu, Chair: Chris Williams
Event ANC Workshop: Danilo Orlando and Jinli Hu, Chair: Emilia Wysocka
Event ANC Workshop: Gavin Gray and Dragan Gasevic, Chair: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC Workshop: David Sterratt and Sander Keemink Chair: Katharina Heil
Event ANC Workshop: Yuanhua Huang and Guido Sanguinetti, Chair: Scott Lowe
Event ANC Workshop: Martino Sorbaro Sindaci and Iain Murray, Chair: Sander Keemink
Event ANC Workshop: James Raymond, Chair: Peggy Series
Event ANC Workshop: Douglas Armstrong/David Wood Chair: Amos Storkey
Event ANC Seminar: Mykola Pechenizkiy, Eindhoven University of Technology (Host: Dragan Gasevic)
Event ANC Seminar: Danny Tarlow, Microsoft Research Chair: Iain Murray
Learning to Decipher the Heap for Program Verification
Event Telecoms data analysis for disaster response and humanitarian planning
Dr John Quinn, UN Global Pulse Kampala, Uganda
News Item Guido Sanguinetti co-organising Workshop on Statistical Modelling of High-throughput Biological Data
Event ANC Workshop Matt Graham/Zhanxing Zhu Chair: Charles Sutton
Event ANC Workshop: Nigel Goddard/Vitomir Kovanovic Chair: Ian Simpson
News Item Second Edinburgh Deep Learning Workshop
9 June 2015 Informatics Forum
News Item Iain Murray, Winner: The Van Heyningen Award for Teaching in Science and Engineering
Event ANC SEMINAR: A* Sampling Chris Maddison, University of Toronto
Event ANC Workshop: Pol Moreno Comellas/Ian Simpson
Chair: Botond Cseske PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS IN IF G7A
Event ANC SEMINAR: Data Mining for Personalized Medicine, Karsten Borgwardt, Dept. Biosystems, ETH Zurich
Chair: Guido Sanguinetti
Event ANC Seminar: Investigating cell-to-cell variability with Bayesian model selection and approximate likelihood Dr Sarah Filippi, Lecturer in Statistics, Oxford University
Chair: Tom Thorne
Event ANC SEMINAR: Michael Black, Max Planck Institute How to Build a Digital Human
Chair: Chris Williams
Event ANC SEMINAR: CANCELLED Federico Ricci Tersengh, Dept of Physics, Universita Sapienza, Rome
Chair: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC SEMINAR: Coherence analysis of locally stationary multivariate time series. Idris Eckley
Chair: Chris Williams
News Item Classifying Plankton Species with Computer Vision and Deep Learning - Scott Lowe ANC
Kaggle competition
Event Maurizio Filippone (Glasgow Comp Sci) Informal Seminar: Unbiased computations for MCMC-based inference of Gaussian process covariance parameters
News Item November Dagstuhl workshop - Programming with "Big Code" being co-organised by Charles Sutton
Event SEMINAR: Probabilistic synapses: Professor Peter Latham, Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL
Chair: Mark van Rossum Please note that this is a THURSDAY.
Image UK Open Source Award
Jean-Luc Stevens and Philipp Rudiger,UK Open Source Award (
Image Open Source Award
Jean-Luc Stevens and Philipp Rudiger UK Open Source Award