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News Item Yuanhua Huang awarded "Chinese government award for outstanding self finance students abroad”
Event ANC Workshop: James Owers and Sam Rupprechter, Chair: Alex Bird
Event ANC Workshop: Elliot Crowley, Chair: Ian Simpson
Event ANC Workshop: Colin Mclean, Chair: Guido Sanguinetti
Event ANC Workshop: Conor Durkan and Stanislaw Jastrzebski, Chair: Amos Storkey
Event (Cancelled) ANC Workshop: David Sterratt, Chair: Taha Ceritli
Event ANC Workshop: Grant Robertson, Chair: Matthias Hennig
Event (Cancelled) ANC Workshop: Emily Scher, Chair: Beren Millidge
Human-Genome Interaction: The Gap Between How DNA is Designed, and How It Functions In Vivo
Event ANC Workshop: Arno Onken and Arturs Bekasovs, Chair: Kai Xu
Event ANC Workshop: Jun Bao and Lazar Valkov, Chair, Michael Gutmann
Event ANC Workshop: Alba Crespi Boixander and Colin Mclean, Chair: tbc
Event ANC Workshop: Andreas Kapourani and Joseph Cronin, Chair: Cole Hurwitz
Event ANC Seminar: Mihaela van Der Schaar
Causal Inference for Treatment Effects: A Theory and Associated Learning Algorithms
News Item Peggy Series's Paper Published in eLIFE
News Item Peggy Series retains Title at French Championships in Track Cycling
Image Peggy Series Podium Cycling
News Item Distinguished Lecture and Masterclass by Prof David Dunson
Event ANC Seminar: Umberto Simola (University of Helsinki)
Event ANC Seminar: Peter Richtarik
News Item Michael Gutmann co-organising workshop on approximate Bayesian computation
Event ANC Workshop: Beren Millidge, Chair: tbc
A Predictive Processing Account of bottom-up visual saliency using cross-predicting autoencoders.
News Item ANC Researcher Dr Edward Wallace awarded prestigious Royal Society/ Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellowship to study stress response in infectious fungi
Event ANC Christmas Lunch
Event ANC Seminar: Szabolcs Káli, Host: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC Workshop: Michael Rule, Chair: Simão Eduardo
Event ANC Seminar: Haruo Hosoya, Chair: Michael Gutmann
Event ANC Workshop: Lukasz Romaszko, Chair: George Papamakarios
Event ANC Workshop: Michaelis Michaelides and Matthias Hennig, Chair: Wannisa Matcha
Event ANC Workshop: Nigel Goddard and tbc, Chair: Martin Pullinger
Event ANC Workshop: Charlie Nash, Chair: Heru Praptono