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Event ANC Seminar: Prof Jukka Corander (Univeristy of Helsinki / Oslo)
100 years after William Bateson - what can we learn about epistasis by today's statistical machine learning?
Image Michael Gutmann
Image Sohan Seth
Image Sohan Seth
Event ANC Workshop: Gabriele Schweikert and Michael Gutmann, Chair: Heru Praptono
Event ANC Workshop: Katharina Heil and Gavin Gray, Chair: James Wilson
Event ANC Seminar: Wayne Hayes (University of California, Irvine), Chair: Ian Simpson
Event ANC Seminar: Ke Yuan (Glasgow), Host: Guido Sanguinetti
Uncovering intratumor heterogeneity with Dirichlet processes
Event ANC Seminar: Hemant Tyagi (ETH Zürich) and Armin Eftekhari, Chair: Chris Williams
Lunch provided afterwards in MF2.
Event ANC Workshop: Jun Bao and Richard Shillcock, Chair: Martino Sorbaro Sindaci
Event ANC Workshop: Elliot Crowley and Joseph Cronin, Chair: Aleksej Stolicyn
Event ANC Workshop: Jennifer Sanger and Charles Sutton, Chair: James Raymond
Event ANC Workshop: Tom Mayo and Douglas Armstrong, Chair: Maciej Pajak
Event ANC Workshop: Charlie Nash and Mark van Rossum: Chair, Lukasz Romaszko
Event ANC Seminar: Kostas Zygalakis (from Maths), Chair: Amos Storkey
Event ANC Seminar: Gediminas Luksys
Event ANC Seminar: Erik Fransén (KTH, Stockholm)
Image David Schnoeer
News Item Mark van Rossum and Nathalie Rochefort Awarded BBSRC Grant
News Item ATI Summer Programme Co-organised by Prof Chris Williams
Event Network on Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Workshop
Event Symposium on Communicating Machine Learning
Event Cross-CDT Student Workshop in Statistics and Machine Learning
Event ANC / CDT Seminar - James Frew (UCSB)
News Item 3rd recipient of the Valentino Braitenberg award - David Willshaw
News Item Peggy Series Interviewed by Science News
Event ANC Seminar: Chris Sherlock (Lancaster)
Lunch provided afterwards in MF2
Event ANC Seminar: Peter Sollich (KCL)
Lunch provided afterwards in MF1
News Item The University of Edinburgh is hosting two international conferences in the last week of April 2016
Event DTC / ANC Joint Seminar: Dr Taro Toyoizumi, Riken, Japan
Efficient Signal Processing in Random Networks that Generate Variability