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Event Workshop: Guido Sanguinetti and Rui P. Costa, Chair: David Sterratt
Event Workshop: Colin Buchanan, Chair: Vincent Valton
Event Workshop: Dagmara Panas and Yichuan Zhang, Chair: Benigno Uria
Event Workshop: Botonde Cseke and Peggy Series, Chair: Guido Sanguinetti
Event ANC Workshop: Speaker: Jari Fowkes Chair: David Sterratt
Event Workshop: Matthias Hennig and Chris Williams, Chair: Gabriele Schwiekert
Event Workshop: Andrea Ocone and Duncan Carmichael, Chair: Ian Simpson
Event ANC Workshop Talks: Hugh Pastoll and Matthew Chalk, Chair: Ali Eslami
Event ANC Workshop Valentina Ferlito/Robert Court Chairing Sergio Gonzalez
Title and brief abstract to follow
Event ANC Workshop: Michael Rule, Chair: Evan Morgan
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Yichuan Zhang and Richard Shillcock, Chair: David Reichert
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Jonathan Millin, Chair: Ioan Stanculescu
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Lukas Solanka and Ian Simpson, Chair: Michael Hull
Event ANC Workshop Srecko Joksimovic (ILCC) Chair Jari Fowkes
Factors shaping learners' interactions in networked learning context
Event ANC Workshop: Jennifer Sanger and Charles Sutton, Chair: James Raymond
Event ANC Workshop: Ian Simpson and Daniel Trejo Banos, Chair: Colin Buchanan
Event ANC Workshop: Sahar Pirmoradian, Chair Duncan Carmichael
Towards Artificial Language Learning in a Potts Attractor Network
Event Machine Learning Talk: Nikolaos Nikolaou, University of Manchester, Host: Iain Murray
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Charles Sutton and Christopher Ball, Chair: Ali Eslami
Event ANC Workshop Talk: David Reichert and Lysimachos Zografos, Chair: Mike Smith
Event ANC Workshop: Beren Millidge, Chair: tbc
A Predictive Processing Account of bottom-up visual saliency using cross-predicting autoencoders.
Event ANC Workshop: Paolo Puggioni and Amos Storkey, Chair: Charles Sutton
Event ANC Workshop: Wioleta Kijewska and Tom Mayo, Chair: Martino Sorbaro Sindaci
Event ANC Workshop: Robert Court and Nathalie Dupuy, Chair: Ian Simpson
Event ANC Workshop: Richard Shillcock, Chair: Yuanhua Huang
Event ANC Workshop: Matthias Hennig and Yann Sweeney, Chair: Gabriele Schweikert
Event ANC Workshop: David Sterratt, chair: James Owers
Event ANC Workshop: Grant Robertson and Richard Shillcock, Chair: Lynda Webb
Event ANC Workshop: Alina Selega, Chair: Gavin Gray
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Amos Storkey and Simon Lyons, Chair: Ioan Stanculescu