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Event ANC Workshop: Daniel Trejo Banos/Dominika Lyzwa
Event ANC Workshop Miltos Allamanis/Sander Keemink Chair Daniel Trejo Banos
Event ANC Workshop Philipp Rudiger/Jean-Luc Stevens Chair Krzysztof Geras
Event ANC Workshop Title: Learning Analytics: Using Data to understand Learning Dragan Gasevic Chair Nigel Goddard
Event ANC Workshop Richard Shillcock/Van Anh Huynh-Thu Chair: Iain Murray
Event ANC Workshop Tom Thorne Chair: Colin McLean
Event ANC Workshop Konstantinos Georgatzis/Scott Lowe Chair Guido Sanguinetti
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Athina Spiliopoulou and Michael Hull, Chair: Colin Mclean
Event ANC Workshop: Matthias Hennig and Alireza Alemi, Chair: Emilia Wysocka
Event ANC Workshop: Alina Selega and Peggy Series, Chair: Wioletta Kijewska
Event ANC Workshop: David Sterratt and Sander Keemink Chair: Katharina Heil
Event ANC Workshop: Gavin Gray and Dragan Gasevic, Chair: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC Workshop: Militos Allamanis and Zhanxing Zhu, Chair: Chris Williams
Event ANC Workshop: James Raymond, Chair: Peggy Series
Event ANC Workshop: Danilo Orlando and Jinli Hu, Chair: Emilia Wysocka
Event ANC Workshop: Martino Sorbaro Sindaci and Iain Murray, Chair: Sander Keemink
Event ANC Workshop: Yuanhua Huang and Guido Sanguinetti, Chair: Scott Lowe
Event ANC Workshop: Katharina Heil and Amos Storkey, Chair: Gavin Gray
Event ANC Workshop: Emilia Wysocka, Chair: Matt Graham
Dimensionality reduction of rule-based simulation results
Event ANC Workshop: Mark Van Rossum
Spontaneous action potentials in axons and neural coding
Event ANC Workshop: Mingjun Zhong, Chair: Amos Storkey
Signal Aggregate Constraints in Additive Factorial HMMs, with Application to Energy Disaggregation
Event ANC Workshop: Nikos Gekas, Chair: Simon Lyons
Priors formed over multiple time scales facilitate performance in visual perception
Event Workshop: Nestor Milyaev and Botond Cseke, Chair: Ondrej Mandula
Event Workshop: Peggy Series and Colin Buchanan, Chair: Peter Orchard
Event Workshop: Helen Ramsden and David Willshaw, Chair: Jono Millin
Event Workshop: Jyri Kivinen and Vincent Valton, Chair: Dagmara Panas
Event Workshop: Maria Shippi and Paolo Puggioni, Chair: Simon Lyons
Event ANC Workshop: Peggy Series, Chair: David Sterratt
Event ANC Workshop: Dimitrios Milios, Chair: Dragan Gasevic
Event ANC Workshop: Matthias Hennig and Michalis Michaelides, Chair: Douglas Armstrong