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Event ANC Workshop Talk: David Reichert and Lysimachos Zografos, Chair: Mike Smith
Event ANC Workshop: Beren Millidge, Chair: tbc
A Predictive Processing Account of bottom-up visual saliency using cross-predicting autoencoders.
Event ANC Workshop: Paolo Puggioni and Amos Storkey, Chair: Charles Sutton
Event ANC Workshop: Wioleta Kijewska and Tom Mayo, Chair: Martino Sorbaro Sindaci
Event ANC Workshop: Robert Court and Nathalie Dupuy, Chair: Ian Simpson
Event ANC Workshop: Richard Shillcock, Chair: Yuanhua Huang
Event ANC Workshop: Matthias Hennig and Yann Sweeney, Chair: Gabriele Schweikert
Event ANC Workshop: David Sterratt, chair: James Owers
Event ANC Workshop: Grant Robertson and Richard Shillcock, Chair: Lynda Webb
Event ANC Workshop: Alina Selega, Chair: Gavin Gray
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Amos Storkey and Simon Lyons, Chair: Ioan Stanculescu
Event ANC Workshop: Elliot Crowley and Joseph Cronin, Chair: Aleksej Stolicyn
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Nigel Goddard and Rui P. Costa, Chair: Christopher Ball
Event ANC Workshop: Ioan Stanculescu and Mark van Rossum, Chair: Thomas Suslak
Event ANC Workshop: Scott Lowe and Rob Court, Chair: David Sterratt
Event ANC Workshop: Nigel Goddard, Chair: Xin He
Butterflies and Houses
Event ANC Workshop: David Schnoerr, Chair: Edward Wallace
Event ANC Workshop: Colin Mclean, Chair: Lukas Solanka
Event ANC Workshop: Angus Chadwick/Matthias Hennig
Event ANC Workshop: Jinli Hu/Xin He Chair: Ian Simpson
Event ANC Workshop: Katharina Heil and Gavin Gray, Chair: James Wilson
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Oksana Sorokina, Chair: Helen Ramsden
Towards a quantitative model of the post synaptic proteome
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Mike Smith and Peter Orchard, Chair: Colin Mclean
Event ANC Talk: Professor Mark Girolami (Director, CRiSM) Warwick University
Control Functionals
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Helen Ramsden and Grigorios Sotiropoulos, Chair: Ronald Begg
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Botond Cseke and Colin Buchanan, Chair: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC Workshop: Douglas Armstrong/David Wood Chair: Amos Storkey
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Iain Murray and Ondrej Mandula, Chair: Richard Shillcock
Event ANC Workshop: Oksana Sorokina
SynProt: Quantitative Modelling of Synaptic Protein Translation Regulation.
Event ANC Workshop: Gabriele Schweikert and Michael Gutmann, Chair: Heru Praptono