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Event ANC Seminar: Jim Stone, University of Sheffield
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Bert Kappen, Radboud University Nijmegen (Host: TBC)
Path Integral control theory
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Claudia Clopath, Imperial College London
Receptive field formation by interacting excitatory and inhibitory plasticity
Event ANC / Data Science CDT Seminar: Ricardo Silva from UCL, Chair: Charles Sutton
Event ANC/CDT Seminar: Max Welling (University of Amsterdam)
Event ANC Seminar: James A. Bednar, Continuum Analytics (Austin, Texas)
Lunch provided beforehand at 12pm in MF2
Event ANC Seminar: Mihaela van Der Schaar
Causal Inference for Treatment Effects: A Theory and Associated Learning Algorithms
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Marcelo Montemurro, Manchester University (Host: Matthias Hennig)
Entropy, semantics and a novel statistical universal in language
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Ruslan Salakhutidnov, University of Toronto (Host: Iain Murray)
Learning Structured, Robust, and Multimodal Models
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Gasper Tkacik, IST Austria (Host: Matthias Hennig)
Critical behavior in networks of real neurons
Event ANC Seminar: Kostas Zygalakis (from Maths), Chair: Amos Storkey
Event Seminar given by Jeff Orchard
Spatial Navigation and the Fourier Transform
Event ANC Seminar: Haruo Hosoya, Chair: Michael Gutmann
Event ANC Seminar: Szabolcs Káli, Host: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC/DTC SEMINAR: Peter Richtarik, School of Maths
Semi-stochastic gradient methods
Event ANC Seminar: Srinjoy Mitra (Engineering, UoE), Host: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Martin Wainwright, UC Berkeley
Belief Propagation for continuous State Spaces: Stochastic Message-Passing with Quantitative Guarantees
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Geoffrey Goodhill, University of Queensland
Axon guidance and visual maps
Event ANC SEMINAR: CANCELLED Federico Ricci Tersengh, Dept of Physics, Universita Sapienza, Rome
Chair: Matthias Hennig
Event ANC SEMINAR: Michael Black, Max Planck Institute How to Build a Digital Human
Chair: Chris Williams
Event ANC Seminar: Investigating cell-to-cell variability with Bayesian model selection and approximate likelihood Dr Sarah Filippi, Lecturer in Statistics, Oxford University
Chair: Tom Thorne
Event ANC SEMINAR: Data Mining for Personalized Medicine, Karsten Borgwardt, Dept. Biosystems, ETH Zurich
Chair: Guido Sanguinetti
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Michael Hoffmann, Otto von Guericke University (Host: Jim Bednar)
Consequences of optic chiasm malformations on the organization of the visual system
Event ANC Seminar: Nando de Frietas, University of Oxford
Research challenges in random forests, deep learning, de-randomization, Markov random fields and Bayesian bandits
Event DTC / ANC Joint Seminar: Dr Taro Toyoizumi, Riken, Japan
Efficient Signal Processing in Random Networks that Generate Variability
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Michael Fauth, Goettingen.
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Jim Stone, Psychology, Sheffield University (Host: David Sterratt)
CANCELLED — The Eye: An Un-Intelligent Design — CANCELLED
Event ANC SEMINAR Lina Stankovic, University of Strathclyde
Domestic Energy Feedback Research focusing on Functionality and Uses of Smart Metering
Event ANC Seminar: Peter Sollich (KCL)
Lunch provided afterwards in MF1
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Laurent Perrinet (Host: Jim Bednar)