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Event Network on Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Workshop
Event ANC Workshop: Jun Bao and Richard Shillcock, Chair: Martino Sorbaro Sindaci
Event ANC Workshop: Chris Williams and Oksana Sorokina, Chair: Nathalia Dupuy
Event ANC Workshop: Maciej Pajak and Ian Simpson, Chair: Miltos Allamanis
Event ANC Workshop: Sam Heron, Chair: Jinli Hu
Investigating Inter-Cellular Interaction: An in silico Method for Separation of Multi-Species RNA-Seq Datasets
Event ANC Workshop: Charlie Nash and Mark van Rossum: Chair, Lukasz Romaszko
Event ANC Workshop: Tom Mayo and Douglas Armstrong, Chair: Maciej Pajak
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Mark van Rossum and Colin Mclean, Chair: Seymour Knowles Barley
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Andrea Ocone and David Sterratt, Chair: Frank Dondelinger
Event Workshop: David Sterratt, Chair: Douglas Armstrong
Synaptically-evoked action potentials and synaptic democracy
Event ANC Workshop: Martino Sorbaro Sindaci, Chair: Alba Crespi
Event ANC Workshop: Borislav Ikonomov and Chris Williams, Chair: tbc
Event ANC Workshop: James Owers and Douglas Armstrong, Chair: Charlie Nash
Event ANC Workshop: Gavin Gray
Event ANC Workshop: Charlie Nash, Chair: Heru Praptono
Event ANC Workshop: Nigel Goddard and tbc, Chair: Martin Pullinger
Event ANC Workshop: Michaelis Michaelides and Matthias Hennig, Chair: Wannisa Matcha
Event ANC Workshop: Lukasz Romaszko, Chair: George Papamakarios
Event ANC Workshop: Michael Rule, Chair: Simão Eduardo
Event ANC Workshop: Wannisa Matcha, Chair: Rico Sennrich
Event ANC Workshop: Frank Karvelis, Chair: Ryan Davies
Event ANC Workshop: Ryan Davies, Chair: James Owers
Details to follow
Event ANC Workshop: Simao Eduardo and Chris Williams, Chair: David Sterratt
Event ANC Workshop: Richard Shillcock and Matthias Hennig, Chair: Nigel Goddard
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Ioan Stanculescu and Matthias Hennig, Chair: David Sterratt
Event ANC Workshop Talk: Douglas Armstrong and Seymour Knowles Barley, Chair: Lysimachos Zografos
Event ANC Workshop: Pol Moreno Comellas/Ian Simpson
Chair: Botond Cseske PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS IN IF G7A
Event ANC Workshop Talk: David Acunzo and Ronald Begg, Chair: Nestor Milyaev
Event ANC Workshop: Simon Lyons and Anthony Cruickshank, Chair: Botond Cseke
Event ANC Workshop: Nigel Goddard/Vitomir Kovanovic Chair: Ian Simpson