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Image David Sterratt
Event ANC Review Day Cancelled
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Jim Stone, Psychology, Sheffield University (Host: David Sterratt)
CANCELLED — The Eye: An Un-Intelligent Design — CANCELLED
News Item Lysimachos Zografos, Douglas Armstrong and Wayne Davies launch new company
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Claudia Clopath, Imperial College London
Receptive field formation by interacting excitatory and inhibitory plasticity
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: John Quinn, Makerere University
Machine learning applications in developing-world sustainability
News Item ANC neuroscience research featured at the exhibition
The Brain - Is Wider than the Sky!
News Item SICSA Launches the new Data Science Theme
News Item Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics Workshop
News Item Workshop: From Maps to Circuits: Models and Mechanisms for Generating Neural Connections
News Item BBSRC International Partnership Award
News Item Deep Learning Workshop - Edinburgh 6 May 2014
News Item PhD Studentship in Vision as Inverse Graphics
Event ANC Workshop: Paolo Puggioni and Amos Storkey, Chair: Charles Sutton
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Michael Hoffmann, Otto von Guericke University (Host: Jim Bednar)
Consequences of optic chiasm malformations on the organization of the visual system
News Item TEDDINET: EPSRC Network in Building Energy Demand Reduction formed
Event ANC Workshop: Jinli Hu, Chair: Nikos Gekas
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Cedric Archambeau, Amazon (Host TBC)
Latent IBP Compound Dirichlet Allocation: Sparse Topic Models Fit for Natural Languages.
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Máté Lengyel, Cambridge (Host: Matthias Hennig)
Short-term synaptic plasticity and dendritic non-linearities support spike-based communication in the cortex
Event ANC/DTC Seminar: Maurizio Filippone, University of Glasgow (Host: Guido Sanguinetti)
Pseudo-Marginal Bayesian Inference for Gaussian Processes
Event ANC Workshop: Ioan Stanculescu and Mark van Rossum, Chair: Thomas Suslak
Event ANC Workshop: Sahar Pirmoradian, Chair Duncan Carmichael
Towards Artificial Language Learning in a Potts Attractor Network
Event ANC Workshop: Ian Simpson and Daniel Trejo Banos, Chair: Colin Buchanan
Event ANC Workshop: Oksana Sorokina
SynProt: Quantitative Modelling of Synaptic Protein Translation Regulation.