What we hope you get out of it

  • Interaction with invited cutting edge researchers
  • Hands-on tutorials and experience
  • A focus on your own projects and research

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Summer School Aims

The first aim will be addressed by talks from researchers at the sharp end using modelling to explain the workings of cellular and neural systems. The practical aim will be addressed by hands-on tutorials and example sessions.

To ensure that you will be able to apply the techniques you have learned to your own research, each attendee will also provide a short project proposal for which they will be able to get expert advice from the faculty.

Days will be split into morning lectures and afternoon hands-on tutorial sessions. Each day will have a theme for the talks and tutorials, moving up in scale from detailed intracellular models through biophysical models of single neurons, to models of networks of neurons: Integrative Computational Neuroscience aims at bridging the range from genomics to behaviour.

In addition to the talks you will be introduced to a number of simulation tools used for many different purposes. These include

  • Neuroconstruct
  • Topographica
  • NEST
  • Allen institute tools

In the Summer School the packages will be introduced by experts who were involved in the development of the software. In addition you will have the opportunity to acquire practical skills in a tutored lab sessions. We hope this leads to a better understanding of, and experience with, the particular tools.

The course is aimed at postgraduate students, postdocs and faculty in neuroscience and neuroinformatics.

Key Information 2012

School dates: 26 August - 2 September
Application deadline: 4 May

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Summer School Aims