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Workshop: Maria Shippi and Paolo Puggioni, Chair: Simon Lyons

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  • ANC Workshop Talk
When Nov 13, 2012
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where IF 4.31/4.33
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Maria Shippi:  Schemas and memory consolidation: From experiments to theory

Systems memory consolidation is usually defined as a long reorganization process, taking weeks or longer, whereby hippocampus dependent memory traces  become stabilized in the neocortex, and some of them become hippocampus independent. Theoretical studies suggest that a long gradual consolidation process is important in order to avoid catastrophic interference (McLelland et al, Psych. Rev., 1995). However, based on experimental studies, it was shown that memory consolidation can occur rapidly without interference, if an associative framework of knowledge has been previously created, called an associative “schema”, into which new memory traces can be incorporated (Tse, Langston et al, Science, 2007). This  rapid consolidation is accompanied by an upregulation of plasticity-related immediate early genes in the prelimbic region of medial prefrontal cortex at the time of memory encoding(Tse, Takeuchi et al, Science, 2011). Pharmacological interventions targeted at the prelimbic region prevented both, new learning and the recall of remotely, and recently consolidated information, complementing other studies (Lesburgueres et al, Science, 2011).

Using Restricted Boltzman Machines, we present a theoretical model of systems memory consolidation including the concept of schema which explicitly considers the role of prior knowledge in guiding the consolidation process. We investigate the role of the hippocampus, the prelimbic cortex and their dynamic interaction during schema learning, and memory encoding and assimilation of additional related memory traces. Our results are in agreement with both human (van Kesteren et al, PNAS, 2010) and animal (Tse, Takeuchi et al, Science, 2011, Tse, Langston et al, Science, 2007) studies of schemas and memory consolidation.



Paolo Puggioni:  Motor cortex: brain states, oscillations and membrane potential dynamics

Description: How does the brain state change as a function of the behaviour?  Does the brain state affect the membrane potential dynamics of the single neurons? And what about their integrative proprieties? In this talk I try to give an answer to these (and other) questions in the context of the motor cortex. I will show intracellular recordings from the motor cortex of awake mice and simple computational models.