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ANC Seminar: Jim Stone, University of Sheffield

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  • ANC/DTC Seminar
When Jan 16, 2015
from 10:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Where IF Room 2.33
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The Eye: An Un-Intelligent Design

Charles Darwin described the eye as, an organ of extreme perfection, and when he considered how natural selection could have produced such a complex organ, he confessed to a cold shudder . However, even though the eye is almost perfect in some respects (i.e. transmission of Shannon information), the eye's overall design is far from perfect.

Specifically, these imperfections include a lousy lens, fuzzy focusing, risible resolution, thriftless photo receptors, crummy colour focus (chromatic aberration), blind spots, and back-to-front retinas.

These imperfections will be briefly described, with an eye on just how intelligent the designer of such an instrument would have to be.