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ANC Workshop: Robert Court and Nathalie Dupuy, Chair: Ian Simpson

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  • ANC Workshop Talk
When Mar 15, 2016
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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Robert Court

Sources of neuroscience data in Drosophila are diverse and disparate making integrated search and retrieval difficult. A major obstacle to this is the lack of a comprehensive and logically structured anatomical framework and an intuitive interface.

I will present an online resource that provides a convenient way to study and query fly brain anatomy, expression and genetic data. The Virtual Fly Brain interface allows users to explore the structure of the Drosophila brain by browsing 3D images with labeled anatomical subregions. An integrated query mechanism allows complex searches of underlying anatomy, cells, expression and other data from community databases.

I will discuss the history as well as how we have recently improved the user interface, integrating the whole adult CNS and our plans for the near future including our collaborative work with as well as other developmental stages.  


Nathalie Dupuy

"Memory consolidation and mental schemata: A Restricted Boltzmann Machine model"

In this talk I will introduce the theory of schemata as representation of knowledge in the brain. I will describe a computational model for memory consolidation: a cortical module (a Restricted Boltzmann

Machine) interacting with a hippocampal module. This computational framework allows us to investigate experimental data with rodents (Tse et al. 2007) and gain insight into 1) the mechanisms for schemata formation and 2) their influence on subsequent learning.