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ANC Workshop: Jun Bao and Lazar Valkov, Chair, Michael Gutmann

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  • ANC Workshop Talk
When Nov 20, 2018
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where IF 4.31/4.33
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Jun Bao


Left eye dominates in word skipping effect during reading


Reader’s eyes often skip words during reading in eye tracking experiments. In these experiments, eye movement data of the right eye is collected as a convention. However, recent research shows the two eyes do not fixate at the same point during reading. We wonder if the two eyes contributes differently to the skipping effect. Skipping effect analyses were conducted for each eye using binocular passage reading data in English. Results show that, given subjects’ fixation disparity are mainly crossed, the word input to the left eye is dominant in determine skipping behavior when the two eye fixates on different words. This suggests the bench mark of skipping effect needs revision. (We are doing similar analysis on Arabic data and hopefully will be able to present it next Tuesday.)


Lazar Valkov

Title: Lifelong Learning as Program Synthesis


 Artificial neural network architectures can be represented as a functional program - a combination of differentiable functions (neural networks) and higher-order functions (e.g. map, fold). We pose transferring knowledge to a new machine learning task as a symbolic program synthesis problem. For a new task, we use symbolic program synthesis methods to generate different neural network architectures, in which previously learned neural networks can be reused. This approach outperforms competing methods, while requiring much fewer training points for a new task.