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Publications and Presentations

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Journal review articles

AV Blackman, Therese Abrahamsson, Rui Ponte Costa, T Lalanne, and Per Jesper Sjostrom, "Target-Cell-Specific Short-Term Plasticity in Local Circuits", Front. Syn. Neurosci., 2013. View Details
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Journal articles

Julia Schiemann, Paolo Puggioni, Joshua Dacre, Miha Pelko, Aleksander Domanski, Mark C W Van Rossum, and Ian Duguid, "Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Behavioral State-Dependent Bidirectional Modulation of Motor Cortex Output", Cell Reports, 2015, 11, 1-12. View Details PDF
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Julia Simner, and Duncan A. Carmichael, "Is synaesthesia a dominantly female trait?", Cognitive Neuroscience, 2015. View Details
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Stuart Yarrow, and Peggy Series, "The Influence of Population Size, Noise and Behavioral Task on Best-Encoded Stimulus for Neurons with Unimodal or Monotonic Tuning Curves", Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2015. View Details
Duncan A. Carmichael, Matthew P Down, Richard Shillcock, David M Eagleman, and Julia Simner, "Validating a standardized test battery for synesthesia: Does the Synesthesia Battery reliably detect synesthesia?", Consciousness and Cognition, 2015. View Details
Collette L. Kay, Duncan A. Carmichael, Henry E. Ruffell, and Julia Simner, "Colour fluctuations in grapheme-colour synaesthesia: The effect of mood.", British Journal of Psychology, 2014. View Details
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B Pai, T Siripornmongcolchai, B Berentsen, A Pakzad, C Vieuille, S Pallesen, Maciej Pajak, T. Ian. Simpson, Douglas J. Armstrong, K Wibrand, and Clive R Bramham, "NMDA receptor-dependent regulation of miRNA expression and association with Argonaute during LTP in vivo", Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 2014, 7, 285. View Details
Julia Simner, Duncan A. Carmichael, Edward M Hubbard, Zoe Morris, and Stephen Lawrie, "Rates of white matter hyperintensities compatible with the radiological profile of multiple sclerosis within self-referred synaesthete populations", Neurocase, 2014. View Details
Andrew Stewart, Antje Nuthmann, and Guido Sanguinetti, "Single-trial classification of EEG in a visual object task using ICA and machine learning", Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2014, 228, 1-14. View Details PDF
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Jean-Luc Stevens, Marco Elver, and "An automated and reproducible workflow for running and analyzing neural simulations using Lancet and IPython Notebook", Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 2013, 7. View Details PDF
Nikos Gekas, Matthew Chalk, Aaron Seitz, and Peggy Series, "Complexity and specificity of experimentally induced expectations in motion perception", Journal of Vision, 2013. View Details PDF
Hugh Pastoll, Lukas Solanka, Mark C W Van Rossum, and Matthew Nolan, "Feedback inhibition enables theta-nested gamma oscillations and grid firing fields", Neuron, 2013, 77, 141-154. View Details
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Adrianna Teriakidis, David Willshaw, and Richard Ribchester, "Prevalence and elimination of sibling neurite convergence in motor units supplying neonatal and adult mouse skeletal muscle.", Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2012. View Details

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