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About this site

This site was developed by and Sim Bamford, under the supervision of Alastair Knowles and Jim Bednar, with input from many members of the DTC. It is implemented in Joomla, using numerous off-the-shelf and custom components written in PHP. The actual data is stored in a MySQL database backend, which also stores other adminstrative information for running the DTC. For more details, please see the site documentation. To update or edit the documentation, modify the file nimrodkvm:/usr/local/web/protected/Documentation.odt and create an updated file nimrodkvm:/usr/local/web/protected/Documentation.pdf from it.

If you need to develop materials that refer to the DTC, you can use our full-sized blue brain logo. There are three versions: A jpg with a blue wavy background; A .png with a transparent background, so you can apply it to posters with different colour schemes; a .png with a transparent background, with the semi-transparent halo preserved:

Blue brain logo with background (jpg - 1MB)

Blue brain logo, transparent background (png - 3MB)

Blue brain logo, transparent background with halo (png - 4MB)

For the wavy background of the logo at the top of this website, the vector graphics file (Adobe Illustrator) is: (4MB)

In eps format:

Waves.eps (23MB)

Then there are rasterised versions at various resolutions:

WavesA1Portrait300dpi.png (2MB)

WavesA2Portrait300dpi.png (1MB)

WavesA3Portrait300dpi.png (<1MB)

WavesA4Portrait300dpi.png (<1MB)

The font used in the logo above is Copperplate Gothic Bold.