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Modelling and psychophysical tests on face adaptation aftereffects (PhD)

The human visual system is known to adapt its behavior extensively based on recent visual experience. This adaptation is often detectable as visual aftereffects, i.e. changes in visual perception that can be detected with psychophysical experiements in a laboratory. Most of the known effects are low level visual phenomena, such as orientation aftereffects, but recently there have been reports of aftereffects in high-level perception, including aftereffects in perception of the identity of faces based on recent exposure to other faces. In this project, we are applying computational techniques previously used to explain the low level effects in a more complex computational model of face perception, in order to determine if adaptation is similar at low and high levels. The predictions from these models will then be tested using psychophysical tests on humans.

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  • Chen (Roger) Zhao, Peter Hancock, and James A. Bednar, “Modelling face adaptation aftereffects”, European Conference on Visual Perception, 2008.
  • Chen (Roger) Zhao, and Peter Hancock, “Face Aftereffects Improve Discriminability for Similar Faces”, European Conference on Visual Perception, 2007.

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