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Behavoural and robotic study of the function governing the generation of snapshots in foraging desert ants (PhD)

Desert ants are known to navigate using both pathintegration and landmarkbased strategies.
Recent studies have revealed that within cluttered environments individual desert ants travel to a familiar feeding site by an idiosyncratic route, which is statically indistinguishable across repeated journeys. Linking of snapshot memories to local vectors has been proposed as a mechanism by which ants may perform this longrange visually guided navigation. However, conclusive evidence confirming that this mechanism underlies the insect trajectories has not been forthcoming. This study aims to prove that the snapshot to local vector model is the overriding mechanism by locating the snapshots along a long distance idiosyncratic route. Robotic models of the snapshot generation procedure shall be proposed and implemented on a robot. By testing ants in the same experiment paradigm as the robot, the mechanism underlying snapshot generation in desert ants is sought.

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