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A flexible lattice-based self-reconfigurable robot (PhD)

Self-reconfiguring systems: construction and control theory. I am developing new control algorithms for planning transitions between static configurations for self-configuring systems. The work utilizes modern meta-heuristics (RRT, PRM). In order for these methods to become efficient in this domain, novel heuristics have been developed. It is hoped that these algorithms will not only plan faster in static environments, but will also be applicable to dynamic environments too. In addition, a robotic prototype of a new self-configuring system is being developed. As the number of robust reconfiguring systems is limited, any practical knowledge of construction of self-configuring robots is useful. This particular design is of special interest because it has been constructed economically and simply by using off-the-shelf components in almost its entirety. Of the components that did have to be manufactured, only basic tools were used.

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