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Voxel-based and whole brain structural connectivity analyses of cognitive ageing in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 (PhD)

Cognitive ageing is a very important topic of research in the modern world particularly due to the ageing population problem. In order to promote and ensure healthy ageing it is first necessary to understand the links between brain structure and cognitive ability, and how they deteriorate with increasing age. In my work I am trying to incorporate mathematical modelling, machine learning and statistical techniques with the common goal of identifying the link between brain integrity and cognitive abilities as well as their decline in old age. For my modelling and analysis I am using such imaging techniques as tract-based spatial statistics and connectomics, i.e. concentrating my research on the effect of white matter integrity loss, thinning of white matter tracts, occurrence and location of lesions on cognitive abilities and their communal deterioration over time in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 subjects.

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  • RP Cabeen, Ksenia (Kate) Kuznetsova, ME Bastin, and DH Laidlaw, “A Diffusion MRI resource of 80 age-varied subjects with neuropsychological and demographic measures.”, Twenty-first annual meeting of ISMRM: Proc ISMRM 21, * (2013), 2013.

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