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Investigating models of human episodic memory (PhD)

I am interested in the processes that underlie human memory: what they are, how they should be described and how they interact to support memory for different tasks. Currently I am investigating how these processes support associative memory, using behavioural and EEG imaging data from human participants. In addition, I am investigating how these processes should best be modelled, since estimates of their contribution to a given task are required for the interpretation of neural and imaging data.

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Related Publications and Presentations

  • Andrea Greve, David Sterrat, David Willshaw, D. I. Donaldson, and Mark C W Van Rossum, “Optimal learning rules for familiarity detection”, Biological Cybernetics, 2008.
  • Jesus M. Cortes, Andrea Greve, Adam Barrett, and Mark C W Van Rossum, “Dynamics and robustness of familiarity memory”, Neural Computation, 2010, 22, 448-466.

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