DTC/CDT Joint Journal Club – Thursday 26th January 2017

Speaker: Borislav (Bobby) Ikomonov;  current student, CDT in Data Science

Title: Real World Time Travel

Abstract:  Time travel has been been a big part of fiction for a long time now,  and many people have been infatuated by it because of both the amazing and the terrible stories that can be made using it. But what about time travel in real life? Physicists have proposed a number of theories (mostly coming from general relativity) which suggest that some form of time travel might be possible in principle (although not necessarily in practice). This talk will give a brief (non-technical) introduction to relativity and closed timelike curves, and then discuss some of the main time travel theories, such as traversable wormholes, rotating black holes, and cosmic strings.

It will also cover the notion of time travel paradoxes and what they would mean in the real world should time travel ever be performed.

Speaker:  Gavin Gray

Title:  Don’t Make Optimal Decisions

Abstract:  It would be nice if, knowing our uncertainties and what we wanted, we could just pick the options which we expect to be the best.

Unfortunately, we live in a strange world filled with vicious paradoxes.

Looking inside these paradoxes, maybe we can find salvation, or will the paradoxes look back into us?