DTC Journal Club – Friday 28th October 2016

Speaker:  Alejandro Bordallo

Title: Psychohistory: From Fiction to Fact

Abstract: Isaac Asimov presents the concept of Psychohistory across his novels, the fictional science combining the study of history, sociology and mathematical statistics capable of accurately predicting massive events across hundreds of years into the future.

Is this actually possible? If so, do we have the skills, hardware or knowledge necessary for its implementation? Or are we forever doomed to the inevitable Rise and Fall of civilizations? Let us discuss as we look into the scientists attempting to find out.


Speaker: Ioannis (John) Pisokas

IPAB: Robotics Robotics, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Animation 1st Year Student

Title:  Synaesthesia

Abstract:  What does red taste like? What colour is freedom? What about sadness or joy? This talk is about the people for whom the senses interfere with each other. The people for whom the clear cut demarcation among the senses is not granted. People for whom one melody evokes the taste of chocolate ice-cream and another of strawberry. People who see colour landscapes when listening to music. Little is known of what might be the underlying neuro-physiology or whether recent generations have accidentally acquired forms of synaesthesia by being exposed to coloured toys as children.

This talk will attempt to raise awareness about recorded forms of synaesthesia and to clarify some misconceptions about this condition. How does it feel when the senses interfere with each other?