DTC Journal Club – Friday 30th September 2016

Speaker:  Nathalie Dupuy

Title: Who’s that?

Abstract:  From The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat to the Super-Recognisers of Scotland Yard: a journey into the spectrum of face perception.

Speaker: Alina Selega

Title: “CRISPR: the disruptor.”


Recently, a study about a new CRISPR system for targeting RNA [1] has attracted a lot of attention in the world of genetics. In my talk, I will explain what kind of beast the CRISPR system is and why serious scientists think it is important (and even hailed it the scientific “Breakthrough of the Year” [2]). I will then talk about this recent development of using it for RNA targeting and why we should care. The talk will be accessible to wider (including not genetically inclined) audiences.

[1] Abudayyeh, Omar O., et al. “C2c2 is a single-component programmable RNA-guided RNA-targeting CRISPR effector.” Science (2016): aaf5573.

[2] http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2015/12/and-science-s-breakthrough-year