DTC/ANC Joint Seminar – Tuesday 2nd August 2016


Natural scene statistics and contextual influences in vision


Prof Odelia Schwartz
Associate Professor, Computer Science
University of Miami



An appealing hypothesis suggests that neurons represent inputs in a coordinate system that is matched to the statistical structure of images in the natural environment. I discuss theoretical work on unsupervised learning of statistical regularities in natural images. In the model, Bayesian inference amounts to a generalized form of divisive normalization, a canonical computation that has been implicated in many neural areas. In our framework, divisive normalization is flexible: it is recruited only when the image is inferred to contain dependencies, and muted otherwise. I focus on recent work in which we have applied this approach to understanding spatial context effects in visual cortical processing of natural inputs. I also discuss our work in progress on understanding secondary visual cortex and integrating this approach with deep convolutional neural networks.


Room 4.31/4.33
Informatics Forum
10 Crichton St


11:00 – 12:30

Lunch will be served in MF2 (4.04) after the seminar. If you plan to attend, and need any diet needs considered, then please email neuroinf@ed.ac.uk