Sandy Enoch’s remarkable invention – Marty the Robot

Sandy Enoch, a former DTC student, has scooped several awards for Marty, a robot that children can build and programme for themselves.

Remotely controlled over wifi, Marty can walk, turn, dance and even kick a ball. Setting up and customising Marty can help users to learn about programming, electronics, mechanical design, 3D printing and robotics. The 20cm-high robot uses half the number of motors normally needed to make it move, which cuts down its production costs.


Awards so far have included:

Now operating as Robotical, Sandy also won awards for his earlier work as Red Robotics:

University support

University support in developing Marty as a business concept has come from Launch.ed, which helps student enterprises and Edinburgh Research and Innovation, the University’s commercial liaison unit.

PhD in Neuroinformatics

Sandy graduate in June 2016 with a PhD in Neuroinformatics achieved under the supervision of Professor Sethu Vijayakumar. He developed Marty as a side project, alongside his studies.

Sandy says:

“I’m the only full time person involved in the project right now, but I do have some help from friends in Informatics including Alejandro Bordallo, a PhD student being supervised by Dr Ram Ramamoorthy, Nantas Nardelli who is about to graduate BSc Computer Science and Angus Pearson, who will be going into fourth year Computer Science after doing a summer internship with me at Robotical.”

Starter packs

Sandy has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help kick-start his company. Advance orders for Marty ‘starter packs’ can be ordered via Robotical’s website, with delivery expected from January 2017 if the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

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