DTC Journal Club – Friday 4th December 2015

Please note that this week’s Journal Club will meet in Mini Forum 2 (4th Floor) at 4pm

Speaker: Maciej Pajak

Title: Will Japanese sexbots lead the fifth wave of feminism? Gender of AI

Abstract:  People anthropomorphize inanimate objects, especially ones perceived to be ‘intelligent’, gender assignment is almost inevitable part of this process. Equally, we can imagine how gender identity might arise in AI even in absence of explicit gender-directed design.
What are the societal ramifications of these phenomena? Will AI of the future need to conform to pre-existing gender constructs strengthening them in a systematic way or conversely, will it assist transition towards truly genderless post-humanist society?
I will look at a few examples from fiction as well as present day real life.

Speaker: Agamemnon Krasoulis

Title: Is the data scientist a species under threat of extinction?

Abstract: In this talk I will *vaguely* follow-up on Kat’s and Sander’s recent Journal Club presentation and wonder whether data scientists are likely to be replaced by their own models in the near future.