DTC Journal Club – Friday 13th November 2015

Speaker:  Svetlin Penkov

Title: In Vitro Robotics

Abstract: The field of neurorobotics attempts to understand embodied autonomous neural systems and build intelligent agents. The majority of the research is focused on the development of neural computational models which can be deployed on real robotic agents. In this presentation I would like to describe a different approach to neurorobotics which utilises in vitro cultures of biological neurons for real time control of robotic agents. Several such studies will be described and the benefits of the ‘in vitro robotics’ approach will be discussed.

Speaker: Wioleta Kijewska

Title: Being Dr Frankenstein’s Patient. Is it worth it?

Abstract: Despite statistics saying, that less intelligent people live happier lives (because they do not worry as much), many of us would like to be cleverer. After trying with chemical substances, now our hope lies in the direct current. But does it actually work? And is it worth it to walk outside with a fishing rod during a thunder storm?