DTC/CDT Joint Journal Club – Friday 30th June 2017

Speaker: Dr Iain Murray; Reader in Machine Learning, School of Informatics

Title: Juggling and Numbers

Abstract:  I juggle balls and clubs as a hobby. I especially like passing clubs, which can involve complicated sequences of throws and catches with multiple people. The sequences of throws can be created and described using a variety of formal systems. I’ll juggle for you a bit (only a little bit, I’m not a performer), and tell you how some juggling patterns are described with numbers.

Speaker: John Pisokas; Research PhD student, Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour

Title: Do you WannaCry?

Abstract: Using as pretext the widespread crying that WannaCry caused across the globe last month, I am going to give my “I have a dream” talk, this Friday. Actually it will be more like “I have nightmares” talk.

To top it off, today morning, I read in the news that there is currently another outbreak of infections spreading havoc and lots of crying! This will probably be my first unplugged performance if this outbreak breaks my laptop!

Do you WannaCry with me?