DTC/CDT Joint Journal Club – Friday 19th May 2017

Speaker: John Quinn; Data Scientist, United Nations Global Pulse Lab, Kampala, Uganda

Title: The academic journey to a Ugandan University and then to a data science unit in the UN

Abstract: After finishing my PhD in Edinburgh in 2007, I moved to Uganda to work as a lecturer in computer science at Makerere University. I worked there for six years as full time faculty, then joined a United Nations data science unit. I’ve worked on problems such as automated malaria diagnosis, machine learning for crop disease surveys, assessing refugee settlements with satellite data and computer vision, and data mining from radio.

I’ll talk about the experience of working in academia off the beaten track, starting up an AI/machine learning research group in Uganda, and working for the UN. If there’s time I’ll do a quick summary of current work in developing-world AI.

{Personal website: http://air.ug/~jquinn/}