DTC/CDT Joint Journal Club – Friday 24th March 2017

Speaker: Pippa Shoemark; Current Student, CDT in Data Science

Title: Aye or naw, whit dae ye hink? Scottish independence and linguistic identity on social media

Abstract:  On last Friday’s episode of The Last Leg, Adam Hills presented the following analysis of tweets about the proposed second referendum on Scottish independence:

“”If you’re wondering how Scottish people feel about this, I mean, we didn’t do a survey, we just looked at the hashtag #Indyref2 on Twitter this week, and worked out what people were saying with that hashtag.

Forty people used the phrase ‘here we fucking go’; five said ‘git tae fuck’; ten ‘cannae be arsed’s; thirty-one c-bombs; and ten people just said ‘nooooooooooo’ with vaying amounts of the letter ‘o’ in it.””

The essence of my talk will be pretty much the same, except that I’ll still be harping on about the previous Scottish independence referendum way back in 2014, and passing it all off as a serious sociolinguistic study.

Speaker: Sander Keemink; Former Student, DTC in Neuroinformatics

Title: CRAZY Science

Abstract: Science has given us so much. For example, did you know that:

– We can wash our clothes without any soap by adjusting the water’s properties? (It’s true!)

– We have uploaded experienced pilots brain info into trainees and improved their performance? (like the MATRIX!)

– The electromagnetic field of your heart is stronger than your brain’s, and you can use this to your advantage? (SCIENCE!)

– We can use the power of our consciousness to collapse quantum mechanical wave functions to SHAPE the very WORLD??? (MAKE THE WORLD GREAT AGAIN) And many other things!

BUT, has SCIENCE gone too far?! This Friday I will go into way too much detail about several products that harness the power (really mostly the vocabulary) of SCIENCE to sell questionable products, and perhaps get some grander point across about science communication, an educated public, yadayadayada.