DTC/ANC Joint Seminars

Regular seminars are hosted in conjunction with the Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation (ANC). Both internal and external speakers give talks about machine learning, neuroinformatics, and computational neuroscience. Top researchers from around the world are regularly invited.

Details of the invited speaker, venue, and times, as well as title and abstract can be found below in date order (most recent seminar first):

DTC/ANC Joint Seminar – Tuesday 24th January 2017

DTC/ANC Joint Seminar – Friday 20th January 2017

DTC/ANC Joint Seminar – Wednesday 11th January 2017

DTC/ANC Joint Seminar – Tuesday 2nd August 2016

DTC/ANC Joint Seminar – Friday 15th April 2016

Further seminars may be of interest to DTC students, and details of these can be found at ANC Upcoming Events.