Investigating MASC with drosophila orthologues (PhD)

I’m interested in how fruit flies learn and remember things, and we now have a good idea about what structures in the fly brain are necessary for this. However, there’s still not enough known about how all the neurons in these structures (and particularly those in the most central parts of the brain) are connected. The aim of my project is to build up a quantitative atlas of these connections, detailing which connections are axons, dendrites, and how much variation there is between brains. At a later stage this should provide a good foundation for gaining a better understanding of learning and memory in the fly and simulating these processes computationally.

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  • Lysimachos A Zografos, Andrew Pocklington, Seth G.N. Grant, and Douglas Armstrong, “BIOINFORMATIC STUDIES OF POSTSYNAPTIC DENSITY COMPLEXES AND INTERACTION NETWORKS”, 74th Symposium: Evolution – The Molecular Landscape, 2009.

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