Timothy Hospedales PhD

Timothy Hospedales

Current Research Interests

Computer Vision: Recognition, retrieval, matching. Person re-identification. Zero-shot learning. Vision and language.

Robotics: Contextual Policies, Paramaterised Skills, Reinforcement Learning.

Machine Learning: Lifelong learning, transfer learning, multi-task learing, active learning, deep learning, probabilistic modeling.


Signal Processing in the Information Age
Michael, Davies (Principal investigator)
James, Hopgood (Co-investigator)
Bernie, Mulgrew (Co-investigator)
Sotirios, Tsaftaris (Co-investigator)
John, Thompson (Co-investigator)
Mehrdad, Yaghoobi Vaighan (Co-investigator)
Timothy, Hospedales (Co-investigator)
Period: 30/06/201829/06/2023
Funding Organisation: EPSRC,EPSRC
DREAM - Deferred Restructuring of Experience in Autonomous Machines
Timothy, Hospedales (Principal investigator)
Period: 31/08/201631/12/2018
Funding Organisation: EU government bodies

Principled multimodal cue integration for perceptual interference (PhD)

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