Scott Lowe PhD

Scott Lowe

Research Interests

My current research interests focus around understanding the structure and function of individual cortical columns. In particular, I intend to develop and implement techniques to study the dynamics of cortical oscillations within a cortical column using existing data.

Research into the mammalian neocortex indicates that the structure of the neocortex is reasonably well conserved. Each region of the neocortex is composed of six-layered columnar microcircuits, which are repeated across the surface of the neocortex. It is a plausible speculation that there is a large-scale generic algorithm which is applied throughout the sensory cortices by means of the circuitry in the cortical columns, and if we can understand the interactions between the different layers within the cortical column we might better be able to understand how it functions.


Analysis and modelling of experimental data from multi-electrode recordings in the visual cortex (PhD)