Grigorios Sotiropoulos PhD

Grigorios Sotiropoulos

Research Interests

My broad research interest is perception, and in particular the notion that perception is a form of (possibly optimal) probabilistic inference ("Bayesian brain").

As part of my PhD work, I am investigating the acquisition and influence of perceptual expectations, which in a Bayesian framework are known as prior probabilities (or simply priors). My approach is both experimental (psychophysics) and theoretical (modelling - abstract and normative at first but later grounded to biologically plausible mechanisms). Work on expectations started with my MSc project at the DTC, where I investigated, through psychophysical experiments, how long-term priors on speed of visual motion can be manipulated and how they influence motion perception.

I am also interested in perceptual learning from a modelling perspective. By means of simulations, I am currently looking at the explanatory power of a certain type of models of early visual cortex called reweighting models.

One of the long-term objectives of my research is to unify the above two directions, ie delineate the link between perceptual learning and probabilistic inference.


Learning expectations and the time scale of Bayesian priors (PhD)