We are an interdisciplinary research collective, concerned with the modelling of cognitive processing, principally reading and other language processing. We are primarily based in Edinburgh (although some of us are now further afield).

We ground our modelling in

  • the observable anatomy of the brain: for instance, in studying reading we are currently researching the implications of the fact that the human fovea is precisely vertically split

  • realistically large-scale, comprehensive representations: for instance, we are currently modelling word recognition using connectionist models trained on all the words of a particular length, or with semantic representations for all types of words

  • cross-linguistic validation: we are studying a range of languages (currently English, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew) to establish psychological universals in language processing

  • The majority of us are individually located in the Department of Psychology and in the School of Informatics in the University of Edinburgh, and our research is closely tied to the activities of the Language-at-Edinburgh community.

    We welcome inquiries for PhD research in these areas.

    Please browse our pages for more details on our research activities.
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